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Lithuania plans to train 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers next year

Lithuania plans to train 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers next year Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Lithuanian instructors plan to train 3,500 Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers next year, states the Lithuanian army.

It is noted that this year, Lithuanian army instructors have trained 2,900 Ukrainian military personnel. The Lithuanian army reported that Ukrainian soldiers undergo training using the infrastructure of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and participate in joint courses with the United Kingdom, Germany, and Northern European countries.

According to the training programs, these courses are designed to instruct Ukrainian military personnel in managing and maintaining transferred weaponry and equipment, training commanders of various levels, and military specialists in various fields.

Preparation of Ukrainian troops in Lithuania

In April, Lithuanian instructors joined a military aid mission to Ukraine, training 850 Ukrainian soldiers in 14 different courses as part of a multinational military training program led by Germany.

The initiative involved Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania providing knowledge transfer from instructors and supplying necessary training tools, subsequently handed over to Ukrainian military personnel upon course completion.

Ukrainian soldiers completed courses as international instructors, marksmanship leaders, L70 anti-aircraft gun operators, military police and personal protection instructors, 120mm mortar division commanders, infantry division commanders, and many other courses essential for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Lithuania's assistance

It's worth noting that the Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – have supported Ukraine from the early days of the full-scale war. These Baltic nations have provided military, financial, and humanitarian aid and have accepted tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine.

Lithuania acquired two NASAMS air defense launcher units for Ukraine, which will help reinforce our country's air defense. In November, Lithuania announced the transfer of NASAMS launcher units, necessary equipment, and off-road vehicles for the crews to Ukraine.

Today, it was reported that Lithuania had delivered a new batch of military aid to Ukrainian forces, which had already arrived in Ukraine.