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Life-threatening: How not to sit on airplane for safety reasons

Life-threatening: How not to sit on airplane for safety reasons Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Despite the rarity of fatal aviation accidents, each one captures heightened attention. It is crucial to adhere to flight attendants' instructions and not disregard safety regulations, according to The Sun.

Positions to avoid

Strange ideas circulating online depict passengers showcasing new ways to find comfort in their seats.

Flight attendants have revealed that economy class seats can be cramped, especially during long-haul flights, prompting people to do whatever they can to make the journey more comfortable.

However, not everything you see online is a brilliant idea. This is because such "advice" can be dangerous.

In particular, passengers sometimes put their feet on the seat and fasten them with seat belts. This position can be life-threatening.

Це небезпечно для життя: у мережі показали, як не можна сидіти в літаку (фото)

Dangerous sitting position on an airplane (photo:

The main issue is that if a serious situation arises on board, you won't be able to react quickly.

If you need to evacuate quickly, you should be able to stand up and exit the plane as fast as possible.

Also, your legs should be stretched out to maintain circulation.

What not to do on a plane

Ask someone to switch seats

Often, people ask others to switch seats with them. However, asking someone to give up their reserved seat on a flight and swap places is simply impolite.

Using both armrests

Passengers who use both armrests also violate etiquette. This is quite rude, as other passengers cannot use them then.

Reclining seats

Due to the narrow dimensions of seats, especially in economy class, reclining seats have become a contentious issue. Etiquette experts advise asking the person behind you if you can recline before doing so.