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Life-saving tips: What to do if you're trapped under debris

Life-saving tips: What to do if you're trapped under debris What to do if you're trapped under debris (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian terrorists continue to attack the territory of Ukraine with missiles and kamikaze drones. According to the State Emergency Service, here are some tips from rescuers on what to do if you are trapped under debris due to an enemy strike.

What should you do if you are trapped under debris?

  • Remember that all external services are already on their way to the scene.
  • You should call for help, try to shout, and give signals. In no case should you use matches or lighters - this can lead to an explosion.
  • During the "minute of silence" organized by rescuers to hear people trapped under the rubble, you should shout and give signals as loudly as possible.
  • If you have a cell phone and communication nearby, you should call your family or call 101 and tell them where you are.
  • If you are spotted, remember that it takes time to get out, so try to calm down and wait for help.

If no one can hear you, you should first assess the situation around you.

  • Try to gently free your arms and legs. If a part of your body is pinned by a piece of debris and it is impossible to free it, immediately start massaging the part of your body above the pinned part. This is necessary to maintain blood circulation and save the limb.
  • It is very important not to move the ceilings or beams that hold everything together. Therefore, do not try to dismantle the rubble around you yourself.
  • If you manage to get out, check yourself for injuries and wounds. If possible, give yourself and other people first aid.
  • If you realize that you do not have the strength and ability to get out on your own, continue to call for help and wait for rescuers.
  • While waiting for rescue, try not to get hypothermia (if you have some clothes nearby, try to wrap yourself in them).

Russia's latest attack on Kyiv

As a reminder, during the night attack by the Shaheds on December 22, drone debris fell in many districts of the capital. Among them are Darnytskyi, Holosiivskyi, and Solomianskyi districts. In the latter, a high-rise building suffered significant damage.

In particular, the building caught fire on the upper floors. According to rescuers, the fire started on the 24th floor. In addition, three apartments (on the 24th-26th floors) have partially destroyed walls and three more have broken windows.

Preliminarily, there are two victims in the Solomianskyi district with bruises of soft tissue and cut wounds. One of them was hospitalized.

RBC-Ukraine published a photo report from the scene.