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Latvia to allocate €20 million for drone coalition for Ukraine

Latvia to allocate €20 million for drone coalition for Ukraine Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Latvia plans to invest €20 million in a drone coalition to support Ukraine in 2024. The same amount will be allocated to strengthen Latvia's drone army, according to Latvia's Minister of Defense Andris Spruds.

He said that local Latvian companies would be involved in the production of drones.

"Recognizing the importance of drones in the war and guided by Ukraine's experience, we can announce the launch of the Drone Capability Initiative this year. We can metaphorically talk about creating a drone army," he said.

Spruds' statements imply that Latvia will not only supply drones to Ukraine but will also more actively implement these technologies in its own military.

The allocated €20 million will be directed towards both the creation of infrastructure and the procurement of drones, including at least €10 million worth from Latvian companies.

"Currently, seven companies have completed drone trials, and negotiations for purchasing drones are underway, with plans to finalize in June," Spruds said.

Drone coalition

Several countries have announced the creation of a Drone Coalition aimed at procuring drones for Ukraine. Recently, Latvia reported that it is preparing to send the first batch of drones to Ukraine.

According to Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defense Kateryna Chernohorenko, Ukraine provides allies participating in the Drone Coalition with the results of testing their drones on the battlefield.