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Latvia sends second batch of drones to aid Ukraine

Latvia sends second batch of drones to aid Ukraine Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds (Photo: Getty Images)

Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds stated that the Latvian government has prepared a second batch of drones for Ukraine, which were purchased as part of national efforts. The first batch is already on its way to Ukraine.

"Latvia has already organized a batch of drones, and they have already been sent. Now we are collecting the second batch of drones, which will soon be sent to Ukraine," he said.

According to the minister, Latvia and the United Kingdom, which leads the drone coalition, announced a plan and commitment to contribute 20 million euros this year.

"Additionally, when we count the countries that have already made commitments, it amounts to over 500 million, specifically 549 million euros, already promised by member states and partners within the drone coalition. The next step is to utilize this funding effectively, and we are doing this on several levels," Sprūds added.

Drone coalition

Countries around the world are uniting to help Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. One key step in this direction has been the creation of the drone coalition. The aim of this initiative is to procure unmanned aerial vehicles for the Ukrainian army.

Latvia has already declared its readiness to send the first batch of drones to Ukraine. This has been a significant event, demonstrating the unity and support Ukraine receives from the international community.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Kateryna Chernohorenko stated that the Ukrainian side is closely cooperating with allies, providing them with drone testing results in real combat conditions.