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Latvia plans to deport several hundred Russians - Migration representative

Latvia plans to deport several hundred Russians - Migration representative Latvia plans to deport several hundred Russians (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Latvian Migration Department has disclosed to border services data on approximately 800 Russians who lack legal residency rights in Latvia. If they remain in the country, they could face deportation, according to Madara Puke, a representative of the Latvian Migration Department.

"At present, 800 individuals have not obtained the right to stay in Latvia. They have not applied for either permanent or temporary residency. We have provided information about them to the State Border Guard Service for further verification. In the coming weeks, it will become clear whether these individuals are still in Latvia. If so, they will be issued an order to leave for 30 days," Puke explained.

Russian citizens who have not passed the Latvian language exam were able to apply for temporary residency for up to two years, after which their knowledge of the Latvian language would be re-evaluated with the threat of deportation looming.

Furthermore, Latvia previously approved a law requiring Russians who were former citizens of the country and had the right to permanent residency to pass the Latvian language exam. In January 2024, Latvia's Citizenship and Migration Department stated that deportation from Latvia threatens 1,167 Russian citizens, 789 of whom are over 60 years old.

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