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Kim Jong Un declares his 'legitimate right' to destroy South Korea

Kim Jong Un declares his 'legitimate right' to destroy South Korea North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has asserted his "legitimate right" to annihilate South Korea, once again threatening his neighbor following the exclusion of peaceful reunification from the DPRK's national policy earlier this year, according to Bloomberg.

Kim made the remarks while visiting the Ministry of Defense and commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the army, stating that the "puppets" of South Korea have thwarted Pyongyang's efforts at cooperation and seek to engulf their neighbor.

Thus, according to the leader of the DPRK, it is appropriate to designate South Korea as the as the "primary enemy," and based on that legality, "it can be attacked and destroyed at any time."

Kim stated that during his visit, his respected daughter Kim also joined him. Although the North Korean regime operates at the whim of Kim, laws provide a formal basis for the state's activities.

The North Korean parliament repealed laws on economic cooperation with South Korea, further deepening the divide between the neighbors.

Since the beginning of the year, Kim's regime has intensified pressure on South Korea, conducting tests of ballistic missiles, issuing threats to Seoul, and demolishing a monument in Pyongyang symbolizing hopes for reunification.

North Korea's provocations

In recent weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made a series of statements indicating his desire and readiness to start a war with South Korea.

In particular, he called for strengthening the country's naval forces to enhance war preparedness and protect maritime sovereignty. North Korea conducted three rounds of missile launches within a week, including test launches of a new strategic submarine-launched ballistic missile.

At the same time, media reports suggest that Pyongyang has a significant reason not to escalate the conflict, as North Korea's economic growth rates have reached the highest level in nearly a decade due to arms sales from Russia.

Meanwhile, South Korea has expressed dissatisfaction with Russia's cooperation with North Korea.