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Just do it every day: Doctor names simple way to keep your heart healthy

Just do it every day: Doctor names simple way to keep your heart healthy Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many people are interested in how to protect their hearts from any kind of diseases. Of course, almost everyone has heard that laughter prolongs life. But not everyone realizes that this is true.

How and why laughter protects the heart is explained below, referring to the podcast Sounds Just One Thing by Dr. Michael Mosley for BBC.

Why laughter is good for health

The doctor claims that laughter is genuinely important for people. It helps to overcome pain, puts you in a good mood, and positively affects memory. But what is truly surprising is that laughter saves the heart.

To delve into the impact of fun and laughter on health, the expert sought the support of Professor Miller from the University of Pennsylvania. It turns out that a recent study was conducted in which scientists discovered how laughter or stress can affect the heart and blood vessels.

When the participants of the experiment were shown sad scenes, their blood vessels constricted. But when people watched funny videos and laughed wholeheartedly, the opposite happened. Their blood vessels dilated, improving heart function.

Просто робіть це кожного дня. Лікар назвав простий спосіб захисту серця від хвороб

Photo: Freepik

How to laugh correctly

According to the doctor, such a simple action as laughter can indeed influence one's health. But certain rules must be followed for this. And the main thing is that laughter should be genuinely sincere.

When a person laughs so hard that their stomach hurts, and tears appear in their eyes, their blood vessels really dilate. So, if you find something that genuinely amuses you and makes you laugh every day, you will not only have a good mood but also receive a valuable bonus in the form of a healthy heart.

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