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Jordan strikes southern Syria, 10 people killed - Media

Jordan strikes southern Syria, 10 people killed - Media Jordan strikes southern Syria (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Jordan's military has conducted airstrikes in southern Syria, resulting in the death of 10 individuals, according to Reuters.

The airstrikes were reportedly part of Jordan's intensified efforts against drug traffickers, following clashes in December of the previous year with pro-Iranian militants. These militants were allegedly transporting large quantities of drugs, weapons, and explosives across the border with Syria.

Syrian media outlets have reported that Jordanian aviation targeted two buildings in the city of Arman in the southern province of Suwayda. A residential quarter of Arman, located near the Jordanian border, was also affected by the airstrikes, resulting in 10 fatalities, including 2 children.

As of now, the Jordanian authorities have not commented on the information regarding the strikes in Syria.

Jordan and its Western allies accuse Hezbollah, based in Lebanon and supported by Iran, of fueling a surge in smuggling. Additionally, they attribute this to other pro-Iranian groups that control a significant part of southern Syria. Iran and Hezbollah deny these allegations.

Syria has become a major hub for a multibillion-dollar drug trade, with Jordan serving as a crucial transit route to the oil-rich countries of the Persian Gulf, the United States, and Western Europe.