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Jennifer Love Hewitt reacts to being called 'unrecognizable' in filtered photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt reacts to being called 'unrecognizable' in filtered photos Photo: Jennifer Love Hewitt reacts to "unrecognizable" label amid filtered photos (GettyImages)

Jennifer Love Hewitt addressed the challenges of aging in Hollywood and the unrealistic expectations placed on women following criticism over her appearance in filtered photos on social media, according to People.

On the podcast "Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum," Hewitt discussed the negative reactions to her Instagram post, where she showcased a new hairstyle with a filter. She faced comments claiming she was "unrecognizable" and using filters to hide her real appearance.

Hewitt responded to these critiques by posting more pictures with "over-the-top, crazy" filters, only to receive further criticism.

She emphasized the impact of such negative comments, particularly as the mother of a daughter, and reflected on the pressures she faced in her early career, including being labeled as 'sexy' without understanding what it meant.

The issue is not isolated to Hewitt; actor Meg Ryan also recently spoke out against similar age-related criticisms, emphasizing the societal obsession with youth and the importance of ignoring negative comments about mental health.

Meg Ryan's interview

In an interview with Glamour, actress Meg Ryan addressed rumors about undergoing plastic surgery, expressing indifference to the speculation and criticism about her appearance.

Despite public scrutiny and professional assessments, Meg Ryan appeared to disregard the emphasis on her looks, remarking, "Our culture is so obsessed with youth." She expressed satisfaction with her current age, emphasizing that the process of aging shouldn't be feared.

The interview also touched on her family life and return to acting after an eight-year hiatus.

Ageism discussion

This occasion's context lies in the enduring problem of ageism and beauty ideals within the entertainment sector.

Hewitt's experience and comments, as well as those of Meg Ryan, reflect a broader cultural conversation about the intense scrutiny female celebrities often face regarding their appearance and the challenges of aging in the public eye.

Their responses reveal a growing resistance against these pressures and a call for more acceptance and understanding of the natural aging process.