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Jennifer Aniston decorated her home for Christmas

Jennifer Aniston decorated her home for Christmas Jennifer Aniston (photo:
Author: Maria Kholina

Jennifer Aniston, like most people, has already adorned her home for Christmas and the New Year, according to the actress's Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston reveals how she decorated her home for Christmas

The 54-year-old actress has fully immersed herself in the festive atmosphere and adorned her house with beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Aniston shared a snapshot of her wooden Christmas decorations shaped like a reindeer, which, by the way, attentive Jennifer fans know from last year.

The small charming creatures have big eyes, red noses, checkered scarves, and green antlers, making them very intriguing and cute. No wonder Jennifer not only purchased such ornaments but also gave them names.

In her stories, the actress wrote that they are back, as this is not the first Christmas where the reindeers are an essential part of her festive decor.

Дженніфер Еністон показала, як прикрасила домівку до Різдва (фото)

One of the wooden reindeers of the star appeared in the actress's Instagram feed last year, and Aniston even introduced him to her two beloved dogs.

"I'm sorry, this was a terrible idea. Be nice! He's visiting — he's just here for the holidays," Aniston wrote under the same post from last Christmas when the puppies played with the decorative reindeer.

By the way, the star of the "Friends" series named her reindeers Rudolphs. It sounds very funny, but in reality, many people enjoy giving names to their toys or favorite items at home.

So, Jennifer Aniston, just like J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, and other Hollywood stars, and even royal figures, is fully prepared for Christmas and has already adorned her home, filling everything around her with the enchanting atmosphere of the holiday festivities.