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Jackie Chan urgently hospitalized: What is known

Jackie Chan urgently hospitalized: What is known Jackie Chan is urgently hospitalized (Photo: Getty Images)

The legendary Chinese actor and martial arts master Jackie Chan was hospitalized at the Lin Shan Hospital in Shanghai on December 25. According to some reports, doctors assess the actor's condition as critical.

The sources used to prepare the material are Meta MMA and Daryo.

The 69-year-old actor Jackie Chan was urgently admitted to a hospital in Shanghai. His condition is described as critical, and doctors are providing him with all necessary assistance.

According to media reports, all news about Jackie Chan's hospitalization is actively being deleted from Chinese social media, and accounts that report on it are being blocked.

Currently, there is no official information about the martial arts master's condition, and Jackie Chan's family and friends are not commenting on his health.

There is also information that during filming in the Balkans, the actor suffered a severe skull and brain injury and underwent a complex operation. He had mobility issues.

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong, Chinese, and American actor, director, producer, karate master, singer, musician, and dancer. He began his acting career in 1962 and continues to appear in films to this day. He has received an Oscar for outstanding contributions to the film industry.

He performs most of his stunts in films without doubles and has experienced various injuries throughout his life.

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