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Israeli air strike eliminates high-ranking Hezbollah commander (video)

Israeli air strike eliminates high-ranking Hezbollah commander (video) Illustrative Photo: Israel eliminates Hezbollah commander (Flickr by Allen Yeh)

Israeli military forces have eliminated the commander of Hezbollah's air unit, targeting the militant using aviation in southern Lebanon, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

"Today, the IDF eliminated Ali Hussein Barji, commander of the southern Lebanon region of Hezbollah's air unit, using an air force aircraft," wrote Hagari.

According to him, Ali was overseeing operations using attack and reconnaissance drones against Israel and the IDF. The terrorist also commanded an attack on the IDF headquarters in northern Israel, which took place today.

Israel and Hezbollah

Recall that Hezbollah militants have repeatedly attempted to launch attacks on Israel from Lebanese territory, particularly following Israel's conflict with Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently stated that Israel is prepared to initiate a war against Hezbollah.

Moreover, on January 8, a senior commander of Hezbollah, Radvan, was killed in southern Lebanon due to an Israeli strike.