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Israel and Hamas agreed to new ceasefire, says Qatar's MFA

Israel and Hamas agreed to new ceasefire, says Qatar's MFA Photo: Israel and Hamas agree to new ceasefire (Getty Images)

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar Majed al-Ansari announced that Israel and Hamas had allegedly agreed on a temporary truce, reports The Times of Israel.

According to the source, the parties also discussed the release of hostages.

"The meeting in Paris succeeded in consolidating the proposals… That proposal has been approved by the Israeli side and now we have an initial positive confirmation from the Hamas side," the Qatari diplomat explained.

This happened during a meeting between Qatari, American, Israeli, and Egyptian officials in Paris.

At the same time, the Israeli media, citing unnamed high-ranking officials, report that Israel has not yet agreed to a cease-fire agreement with Hamas.

What preceded

In October of last year, Hamas militants invaded Israel. They killed and kidnapped both military and civilians.

In response, Israel launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. The country's troops managed to take control of most of the Palestinian enclave.

Israel and Hamas also agreed on a temporary ceasefire. This was done in order for the militants to release their hostages.

Last week it became known about Israel's proposal to Hamas to suspend hostilities again.