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Is Ukraine facing another blackout due to Russian attacks? Expert assessment

Is Ukraine facing another blackout due to Russian attacks? Expert assessment Expert assesses the threat of a new blackout in Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: RBC Ukraine

According to Hennadii Riabtsev, the director of the "Psycheia" center, the situation with electricity this autumn and winter may be more challenging than last year. However, the likelihood of a new blackout in Ukraine is minimal, according to experts.

According to the expert, if there are new mass attacks by Russian occupiers on the energy system, the situation will be complicated, but a large-scale blackout is not expected.

"The probability of a complete blackout in Ukraine will be extremely low. Even powerful attacks by Russia on critical energy infrastructure cannot result in a complete and prolonged shutdown for the majority of consumers," Ryabtsev noted.

He explained that Ukraine's energy system is currently less reliable than last year, with a fragile energy balance and fewer reserve capacities compared to the previous year.

However, it's worth mentioning that ordinary Ukrainians and industries have already prepared for the heating season by acquiring devices for alternative generation, such as charging stations and generators.

Electricity situation in Ukraine

It's worth noting that after the winter period and the massive attacks from Russia, the electricity situation in Ukraine has stabilized. Power cuts are not being implemented by the energy providers, although disruptions are still occurring in the front-line regions affected by shelling.

Nevertheless, energy providers point out that the load on the energy system increases during hot weather. Despite this, there are currently no plans to introduce power outages, but Ukrainians are encouraged to conserve energy, especially during the evening period.