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Is acne face map myth or reality? Insights from dermatologist

Is acne face map myth or reality? Insights from dermatologist Is the acne map true or a myth (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Very often, both girls and boys have skin problems like acne, blackheads, and post-acne issues, and it can be quite bothersome. It's said that facial breakouts can indicate underlying health issues, and there's even something called an acne map.

RBC-Ukraine discusses whether this is true or a myth, according to the commentary of dermatologist Natali Ilchuk for a health blog on Instagram and YouTube channel Healthy Talk.

What is the acne map?

The acne map does exist, but whether it accurately reflects certain issues in the body is a question. It depicts the face divided into different parts marked with various colors, which supposedly indicate specific health problems. For instance, breakouts on the chin are believed to signal issues with pelvic organs, while breakouts on the nose indicate problems with the pancreas.

Many people often trust these acne maps, but a dermatologist commented on whether they are true and whether they can be relied upon.

Is acne face map myth or reality? Insights from dermatologist

The acne map (Collage RBC-Ukraine)

The acne map - is it truth or myth?

"In what sense can this acne map exist in a dermatologist's mind? There is indeed a certain distribution of breakouts, usually but not always. In adolescence, breakouts are more common in the T-zone - the forehead, nose, and chin. In adulthood, these breakouts can shift from the T-zone to the U-zone, particularly the lower jaw extending to the neck, as it's a more hormone-dependent area, especially in women. That's about as far as the acne map can be taken," the dermatologist replied.

Natalia also adds that everything else, such as "pimples on the forehead are related to the spleen," "pimples on the right cheek indicate liver problems," and other examples, are all complete myths.

"There are people with severe acne that covers their entire face and even extends to the chest, shoulders, and back. So, if we were to follow the logic of the acne map, it would mean that all their organs are affected. In that case, you wouldn't know which organ to address first. We can't say that all their organs are affected," Natalia added.

Is acne face map myth or reality? Insights from dermatologistThe acne map: Truth or Myth (photo: Freepik)

According to the dermatologist, the acne map has nothing to do with common sense and evidence-based medicine. Unfortunately, these images do exist, and often, anxious individuals who are concerned about their breakouts come across these maps. They then visit gastroenterologists or other specialized specialists because they want to treat internal organs based on the map, thus delaying the treatment of acne.