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Iran launches attack drones towards Israel

Iran launches attack drones towards Israel Iran launches attack drones towards Israel (photo: Getty Images)

Iran launched attack drones in the direction of Israel late tonight, April 13, reports IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

"Dozens of drones launched from Iran are heading toward Israel," Haghari said.

According to him, the Israeli Air Force is tracking the drones, and it will take them several hours to reach Israeli airspace.

He also noted that there may be GPS malfunctions as the military is working to intercept the drones.

According to Hagari, if there are any additional attacks that require a separate warning, the IDF will inform the public.

It is noted that the sirens will sound only if the drones enter Israeli airspace in the appropriate places. IDF forces will work to intercept the targets as early as possible.

According to preliminary estimates, the main targets of the attacks are military facilities, including military bases.

At 23:00, a special meeting on the closure of Israeli airspace began at Ben Gurion Airport.

Full or partial closure of the country's airspace is expected to take effect at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 14.

Jordan has closed its airspace

The Jordanian authorities have closed its airspace since Saturday evening, April 13, due to the expected hostilities between Israel and Iran. It is reported that the measures will affect both flights from Jordan and planes heading to this country. These are temporary measures. It is not specified how long they will last.