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iPhone may get physical keyboard (photo)

iPhone may get physical keyboard (photo) iPhone becomes buttoned with keyboard case (photo: Clicks)

At the CES exhibition, the Clicks case with a mechanical QWERTY keyboard designed specifically for iPhone users was presented. This accessory aims to meet the needs of those who miss the old models of BlackBerry smartphones and prefer a more tactile method of text input, writes The Verge.

The Clicks easily connects to the iPhone via the Lightning or USB-C port, ensuring a secure connection and creating a seamless device with a mechanical keyboard thanks to the backlit keys and a familiar layout.

The iPhone 15 Pro case increases the length of the device to 188.45 mm (+41.85 mm), and the overall weight increases by a third - by 62 grams.

The keyboard does not require its own battery and uses power from the smartphone. An additional port allows delivering power directly to the iPhone through the accessory.

Кнопковому iPhone бути! Смартфон зможе отримати фізичну клавіатуруКнопковому iPhone бути! Смартфон зможе отримати фізичну клавіатуруThe Clicks keyboard (photo: Clicks)

Clicks not only offers convenient text input but also saves screen space, as the gadget is recognized as a hardware keyboard. This provides more useful space in front of the user's eyes.

The price of Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro is $139 (5,300 hryvnias), and the model for iPhone 15 Pro Max will be available for $159 (6,050 hryvnias). The accessory is offered in BumbleBee (yellow) and London Sky (gray) colors, and it can be ordered through the official website.