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iOS 17.3 Release Candidate update and its new features

iOS 17.3 Release Candidate update and its new features iOS 17.3 Release Candidate with new features is out (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

On January 17, Apple released the Release Candidate build for developers - a final test version that addresses all issues. Apple has also introduced a couple of new features that eager users can try out before the public release, according to the CNET.

New features in iOS 17.3

Stolen device protection

A special lock mode requiring Face ID verification for certain functions. Additionally, when using the iPhone in an unfamiliar location, a system delay of one hour is automatically activated.

Apple Music updates

The introduction of shared playlists that users can create with friends, along with the ability to react to tracks during playback, similar to Telegram.

AirPlay in hotel rooms

This feature was originally planned for iOS 16 but was delayed. Nevertheless, it was included in the iOS 17.3 Release Candidate beta version, and now connecting to a television is as simple as scanning a QR code.

This is currently not available everywhere, and it will take some time for widespread adoption.

New wallpapers

As a pleasant surprise, iOS 17.3 includes fresh wallpapers titled "Unity," released annually in honor of Black History Month.

Оновлення iOS 17.3 Release Candidate: які нові функції з’явилися

New wallpaper dedicated to Black History Month (photo: CNET)

Furthermore, some bugs and glitches that previously hindered normal iPhone usage have been addressed and fixed.

How to install the beta version on iPhone

iOS 17.3 will be officially released in a week, but you can update your iPhone now.

Visit the Apple Developer Program website and log in with your Apple ID if you haven't done so already.

Accept the license agreement, and you will be taken to the developer registration page, where you need to confirm your participation in the program.

Restart your iPhone and go to Settings - General.

Open the Beta Software Update section and enable iOS 17 Developer Beta.

Select Software Update and search for the update, then install it on your iPhone.