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India arrests four people recruiting mercenaries for war against Ukraine

India arrests four people recruiting mercenaries for war against Ukraine Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Indian authorities have arrested four individuals involved in recruiting mercenaries to send them to war against Ukraine, according to Reuters.

The arrested individuals, who worked as translators, assisted prospective mercenaries in obtaining visas and booking airline tickets.

Law enforcement assures that investigations are ongoing regarding other accused individuals who are part of an international human trafficking network. In March, it was reported that approximately 35 Indian citizens were deceived into traveling to Russia for participation in the conflict against Ukraine.

According to Reuters, the families of two deceased Indian citizens, who fought on the side of Russia, claimed that their husbands intended to work in the Russian army as assistants. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs stated that each case has been actively discussed with Russia.

Russia seeks mercenaries in Asia for war against Ukraine

Russia is actively recruiting individuals for the war against Ukraine, but it faces a shortage of manpower, hence resorting to hiring mercenaries from various countries, offering them money and citizenship.

In February, India appealed to Russia for the early release of some of its citizens who were working in the Russian army in auxiliary positions.

In March, Al Jazeera reported that the Russian Federation had recruited citizens of Sri Lanka for the war against Ukraine, with some already being casualties.

Recently, Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reported that mercenaries from Nepal, who arrived to fight against Ukraine within the ranks of the Russian army, are deserting en masse.