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In Mariupol, Kadyrov mercenaries attack Russians, sparking a shootout

In Mariupol, Kadyrov mercenaries attack Russians, sparking a shootout Photo: Russian military (Getty Images)

Yesterday, on August 19th, in the "Kirov" district of Mariupol, a conflict occurred between the Kadyrov mercenaries and Russian occupiers, which escalated into a shootout, says Petro Andryushenko, an advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol.

As Andryushenko writes, during the conflict, a group of vehicles gathered with Kadyrov mercenaries and Russians. All of them were military. Shots were heard during the commotion.

In a short period of time, the number of vehicles increased by about twenty more units. To contain the conflict, the Russians called in a special unit.

Photo: In Mariupol, Kadyrov mercenaries attacked Russians and started a shootout (

"The whole conflict continued until 10:00 PM. Both the Kadyrov mercenaries and the Russians arrived. Shots were fired, and two ambulances quickly took someone away. Snipers were on the rooftops, but after 10 PM, some agreement was reached, and they dispersed. Unfortunately, without a massive shootout between each other," Andryushenko added.

The advisor to the Mayor also mentioned that the cause of the conflict was that the occupation command stopped a Chechen whose car was loaded with weapons without any documentation.

Situation in occupied Mariupol

Russian forces captured Mariupol and the surrounding region in the spring of 2022 after months of fighting. Afterward, the occupiers turned the ruined city into their military base.

As Andryushenko recently reported, the occupiers have intensified checks on the local population in Mariupol. So-called "mop-up operations" are being conducted in the city.