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In Crimea observed regular internet disconnections, ATESH

In Crimea observed regular internet disconnections, ATESH Regular Internet disconnections are recorded in Crimea (Photo: GettyImages)

Guerrillas record regular Internet outages in the temporarily occupied Crimea, according to ATESH.

"Our sources report that the Internet has recently been regularly disconnected in Crimea. Most likely, the occupiers deliberately interrupt communication to prevent the transmission of information about their movements," the statement said.

In addition, in this way, the invaders are trying to prevent concerned citizens from adjusting the strikes of the Ukrainian Defense Forces against the occupiers.

The situation in Crimea

Earlier, Crimean guerrillas staged a raid in Perevalne (Simferopol district), where the base of the 126th Russian Coastal Defense Brigade is located.

Also, before that, underground fighters in the occupied Crimea spotted a convoy of invaders with special equipment in the Dzhankoy area, which the enemy needed to strengthen its defense.