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If Trump wins, NATO faces 'radical reorientation' – Politico

If Trump wins, NATO faces 'radical reorientation' – Politico Photo: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation soldier (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Donald Trump is unlikely to withdraw the United States from NATO if he returns to the presidency, but will carry out a "radical reorientation" of the alliance, Politico reports.

The news agency citing Trump's advisers, writes that the anticipated shift will include a significant reduction in the US security role. Thus, instead of being the main provider of combat power in Europe, America may become someone who provides support only in times of crisis.

Another part of Trump's emerging plan is a two-tiered NATO system. This idea means that member countries that have not yet reached the goal of spending 2% of GDP on defense will not enjoy the generosity and security guarantees of the United States.

In addition, Trump supports the principle of NATO's non-expansion to the east, which effectively deprives not only Ukraine but also Georgia of the chance to join the Alliance.

According to people from Donald Trump's team, the United States will maintain its nuclear umbrella over Europe, with air and naval forces and bases in Germany, the UK, and Türkiye. However, the main forces of infantry, armored vehicles, logistics, and artillery will eventually be transferred to the European zone of responsibility.

A court in New York postponed Trump's sentence in the case of bribing a porn actress to keep quiet. The former president is now expected to be sentenced by 18 September, which means that Donald Trump, who is a presumptive US presidential candidate, may appear at the Republican Party convention on 15 July in person.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Trump had immunity while in office. However, this refers to actions taken within the framework of his constitutional powers as president.