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'I have no clue who he is.' Biden faces unexpected rival in American Samoa

'I have no clue who he is.' Biden faces unexpected rival in American Samoa Photo: Jason Palmer ( michael palmer)

Incumbent US President Joe Biden lost the caucuses of the Democratic Party in American Samoa to a little-known contender, entrepreneur Jason Palmer. While this defeat does not pose any threat to Biden's overall election campaign, the news has gained widespread attention in Western media, according to Politico and CNN.

During Super Tuesday, Biden managed to secure victories in all 15 states. However, he faced defeat in American Samoa, a US island territory in the Pacific Ocean, where businessman Jason Palmer surpassed him with 51 votes against Biden's 40.

It is expected that Palmer will receive four delegates at the Democratic Party's national convention. This marks the first defeat for the incumbent US president in the primaries.

What is known about Jason Palmer

Jason Palmer, a 52-year-old resident of Baltimore (a city in the United States, an industrial port, and the largest city in the state of Maryland, located on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, northeast of Washington), has a background in various technology and education-related companies and non-governmental organizations, according to open sources.

Interestingly, he conducted his pre-election campaign remotely, organizing public meetings via Zoom and never setting foot on the island of Samoa, where he secured his sole victory in the primaries.

Palmer, who announced his candidacy in November, acknowledged having minimal chances of winning. He focused his campaign on "renewal" and the youth, emphasizing the need to look forward instead of dwelling on the past.

On his campaign website, Palmer wrote, "America cannot look forward by seeking refuge in the past," alluding to the age difference between him and the two frontrunners, Biden and Trump.

He also revealed that he funded his campaign with his savings, spending nearly 500,000 euros, stating, "You can't take the money with you when you die, but you can change the world while you're here."

"Honored to announce my victory in the American Samoa presidential primary. Thank you to the incredible community for your support. This win is a testament to the power of our voices. Together, we can rebuild the American Dream and shape a brighter future for all," Palmer expressed gratitude to American Samoa for their support on his X page.

Reaction to his victory

Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics in Charlottesville, described it as "finally, something quirky and unexpected from this dull Super Tuesday." However, many, including Sabato, admitted to not knowing much about Jason Palmer before this event.

"I have no clue who he is," says Sabato.

Media outlets highlighted that American Samoa has shown unexpected results in Democratic Party primaries before.

So, in 2016, the main candidates from the Democratic Party for the presidential election, namely Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, did not gain a majority of delegates. In 2020, billionaire and former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg won during the voting in American Samoa, which became his only victory in the campaign against Joe Biden.

Super Tuesday in US election

The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, and former President Donald Trump are winning in almost all states on Super Tuesday. This is when the primary party election took place in 15 states and one US territory. During these primaries, it is determined who among the candidates will be nominated as the presidential candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties in the election scheduled for November this year.

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