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Hungary names priorities of its EU presidency, Ukraine is not among them

Hungary names priorities of its EU presidency, Ukraine is not among them Hungary does not consider Ukraine a priority for its EU presidency (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Hungary has outlined its goals for its presidency of the European Union. Budapest does not consider Ukraine or the war as a priority, citing DW.

At a briefing, Hungary’s representative to the EU, Bálint Ódor, said that as the head of the EU Council, Hungary wants to balance the EU enlargement processes, focusing on the integration of the Western Balkan countries. He mentioned that Budapest aims to organize an EU-Western Balkans summit within the next six months.

When asked about expectations regarding Russia and aid to Ukraine, he noted that Hungary will "closely monitor developments and include all necessary aspects in the agenda as needed."

Overall, the Hungarian representative to the EU did not mention support for Ukraine. However, he listed the priorities of Hungary's presidency as the EU’s competitiveness, economic relations with third countries, easing administrative burdens, defense policy, and cooperation in arms procurement.

Hungary has chosen the slogan "Make Europe Great Again" for its presidency, reminiscent of former US President Donald Trump's campaign slogan. In 2016, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was the only EU leader to publicly support Trump.

Hungary’s stance on Ukraine

Hungary does not support Ukraine's path to the EU and NATO. Budapest often blocks decisions related to supporting Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. Additionally, Hungary continues its economic cooperation with Russia.

Recently, Budapest has also reviewed its NATO membership. Hungary agreed with NATO that it would not provide aid to Ukraine but also would not block it.