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How to transplant monstera so that it takes root immediately

How to transplant monstera so that it takes root immediately Photo: How to properly transplant a monstera (
Author: Daryna Vialko

Monstera is a spectacular plant that will decorate any interior and delight with its large leaves. PrzyślijPrzepis tells how to transplant the plant correctly.

What you need to know about monstera

In a monstera, each new, green, curled leaf means that your plant will be large in the future.

You should transplant the monstera into new soil and a pot immediately after purchase. The plant needs 5 cm of space around the main root.

If instead of a lump of earth in the pot, there is mainly a root lump, the plants can't take nutrients, and they die. Therefore, immediately after purchase, you need to transplant them into fresh soil. The best time to do this is March and April.

How to transplant a monstera

For the first 2-3 years, the monstera is considered a young plant. During this period, it needs to be replanted every year. A young plant usually reaches one meter in height. Replant such plants once a year.

A good reason for repotting (including older plants) is overgrown roots and lack of new leaves.

Over the entire life cycle, the seedless monstera reaches up to 2.5 meters in height. Together with the ground and a ceramic pot, such a plant can be very heavy. To avoid the risk of damaging the plant when removing it, choose a pot made of lighter plastic with thick but flexible walls.

After removing the monstera from the pot, examine the roots and carefully shake them off the old soil.

After pouring new soil into a larger pot, carefully cover the roots - they should be completely covered.

The new substrate should contain pine bark (provides permeability) coconut fiber (helps maintain appropriate humidity), and drainage (protects the roots from rotting when waterlogged, which easily happens with monstera).

After transplanting, place the flowerpot in a bright place with diffused light. The sun's rays should not fall directly on the leaves, as they can get burned.

Regularly sprinkle 3-4-year-old plants on top with a new layer of earth (there should be a new substrate to a depth of 3-4 cm). After moving, the plant must be placed in a new substrate and a larger pot.