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How to start eating healthy: Nutrition tips

How to start eating healthy: Nutrition tips Tips for balanced nutrition (photo: Freepik)

Balanced nutrition is a series of formed habits over several years. Therefore, it won't be possible to change something drastically in a few weeks, but gradually, with small steps, you can achieve results in your eating habits.

RBC-Ukraine shares simple life hacks for improving your nutrition, according to Ukrainian nutritionist Olha Dorosh.

Pay attention to what you drink

Beverages can contain more calories than you need, so try adding less sugar or honey to your drink.

As an alternative and addition to tea, you can add lemon, and in addition to coffee - orange and cinnamon.

Fresh juices often contain a large amount of unnecessary sugars, so it's also worth diluting them with water in a 1:1 ratio. Ideally, exclude sweet water and juices from your diet altogether and instead add plain water.

Keep your favorite foods

There's no need to deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating. If you love sweets, leave some room in your stomach for dessert. This way, you'll enjoy yourself without overeating.

Add vegetables everywhere

Even if you're eating pizza, sushi, dumplings, or pierogi, don't forget about vegetables. Fiber helps saturate the body, reduces portion size and calorie intake, and brings undeniable benefits.

Choose low-fat dairy products

Instead of whole milk with 3.2% fat, opt for 1.5%.

It's better to choose white yogurt with 1.6% fat instead of 8%.

You can also choose cottage cheese with 5% fat instead of 9%.

In such products, there are fewer saturated fats and calories, while the amount of protein and calcium remains the same.

Don't forget about fish

Add fish to your diet twice a week. For an adult, a portion the size of the palm of your hand without fingers will be sufficient.

Choose whole-grain bread

It's a great and healthy alternative to baguettes or white bread. Moreover, whole grain bread will provide you with carbohydrates if it is missing from your plate.

For a snack, go for berries and fruits

This could be baked apples, nuts, bananas, or oranges with a glass of yogurt or kefir. Also, pay attention to seasonal and local fruits and berries.

Order dishes without dressings

This applies to cases when you order food at establishments. Restaurant sauces always contain a large number of calories and sometimes overpower the taste receptors, making it difficult to experience the real flavor of the dish. You can also ask the waiter to bring the dressing separately and add it to the dish yourself as much as you want.

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