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How to save dying plant: Easy to follow guide

How to save dying plant: Easy to follow guide Photo: How to save a houseplant (

A houseplant expert shares the signs that your plant may be dying and how you can prevent it, writes Express.

Many factors can potentially lead to the premature death of houseplants. The death of a plant can be related to where it is placed in your home, even down to the specific room in which it can grow.

How to save a dying houseplant

First, you need to cut off any brown or yellow leaves.

If the leaves are brown or yellow, unfortunately, they will not return to normal.

After you cut off the brown and yellow leaves, you should check the soil.

The expert said that most often indoor plants die due to excessive watering.

Overwetting is when you water the plant too often, due to which the soil remains constantly wet. You can use your finger or a stick to check the water level in the plant. Check the soil of the plant, and if it is too wet - stop watering so often.

Next, check the roots of your plant, if they smell, or are black or mushy, this is a sign of root rot.

Eliminating root rot is a complex process that ultimately involves removing the rotten roots of the plant, repotting it, and other factors. After you've checked your plant for root rot, check both the front and back of the leaves for signs of pests.

Finally, you should review the position of your plant. Some plants love the sun, and some - on the contrary, the shade.