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How to properly put relationships on pause: Helpful tips

How to properly put relationships on pause: Helpful tips How to put a relationships on hold (photo: Freepik)

Putting relationships on hold can be quite challenging, especially when only one partner desires it, but there is a way out, according to an Instagram video from dating_andrew.

How to properly put relationships on pause

Let's start with what the phrase "putting relationships on pause" means. It means that, for example, a girl might not directly tell you she wants a pause, but she might say she needs some time to be alone or to figure herself out and understand how much these relationships mean to her.

"If you hear phrases like these, it should be like a red flag to you. But you must understand clearly that in reality, your partner wants to use this time to figure out if she can find something better for herself during the time you're apart," says Andrii

Як правильно поставити стосунки на паузу: корисні порадиhow to put a relationship on hold (photo: Freepik)

Also, he pointed out that in this way it becomes clear that the partner has no feelings or love. And if a man or woman agrees to such a situation, they lose respect of their partner.

"This is the same critical point where you must understand that the relationship is already over, but both of you lack the courage to talk about the breakup and move on," concludes Andrii.

It turns out that any pause in a relationship is essentially a breakup, but it's a timid or unaddressed and unagreed-upon one by both partners.

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