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How to properly clean smartwatch to avoid damaging it

How to properly clean smartwatch to avoid damaging it How to clean a smartwatch properly and safely (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

In a world of constant technological innovations, a smartwatch has become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, like any high-tech device, it requires special care and attention, according to the Lifehacker.

Way one: Soap and water

The first method involves using mild soap and water. If the device is waterproof, it can be submerged in a bowl of warm water with a drop or two of dish soap or any gentle soap. It's best to use a soft cloth to wipe the soapy water on the display and sensor instead of immersing them in water.

Before you start cleaning, remove the watch strap. It's advisable to turn off the gadget. Next, wipe the watch with a soapy water-dampened cloth. Then, carefully dry it with a dry section of cloth, removing excess moisture.


  • Use only specialized cleaning cloths and a soft, lint-free fabric. Avoid using coarse fabrics, towels, including paper towels.
  • The movements should be gentle, and there's no need to rub vigorously to prevent damaging the device.

Way two: Isopropyl alcohol

Use a cotton swab moistened with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean the most stubborn dirt. Obviously, it is more effective in removing certain types of dirt compared to water. Before starting the cleaning process, consider the specific type of dirt you are dealing with. Apply the alcohol to the external surface and let it air dry.


  • Avoid using a cloth soaked in alcohol.
  • Alcohol should not come into contact with the leather strap or any openings.

What to consider when cleaning a smartwatch

If there is visible dirt in the tiny openings of your watch, try to remove it very gently using a soft toothbrush or blow on them at an angle. If blowing doesn't work, carefully wipe them with a dry cloth.