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How to prevent clothes from stretching during washing and storage: Tips

How to prevent clothes from stretching during washing and storage: Tips How not to stretch clothes when washing (illustration: Freepik)

The fact that clothes can stretch over time is nothing new. However, the reason for this is often due to certain mistakes made during washing or storing clothes, which result in the items becoming deformed.

Lenor explains how to prevent fabric from stretching during washing and storage.

Always check the care label

Whether it is dry clean only, hand wash in cold water, or regular machine wash, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

This will reduce the likelihood of your clothes shrinking or stretching during washing and drying.

Do not wring clothes excessively

Never wring out clothes before drying. To remove excess moisture before laying clothes out to dry, place them on a thick, clean towel and gently roll it up from the bottom edge, squeezing out the water.

Lay clothes flat to dry

Try to lay clothes flat on a drying rack instead of hanging them on a clothesline. Heavy water-laden items, as well as knitwear and cotton, tend to stretch over time from constant hanging.

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Lay clothes flat on a drying rack (illustration: Freepik)

Choose hangers that fit

When hanging clothes in your closet, use hangers that are the right size. If the hanger is too large or too small, the upper part of the clothing may stretch.

If you are hanging clothes without buttons or zippers, insert the hanger from the bottom of the garment until the hook comes out of the neckline—do not push the hanger through the neck opening.

Fold heavy sweaters

Folding sweaters and t-shirts and storing them horizontally will help them retain their shape longer—using hangers can stretch them.

Always unbutton

Even if you are in a hurry, always unbutton and unzip clothing when putting it on and taking it off. Failing to do this can cause the fabric to stretch.

Use fabric conditioner

During washing and drying, clothes stretch from constant movement, spinning, and tumbling.

Fabric conditioner lubricates the fabric fibers, making them more elastic, which helps clothes return to their original shape more easily after stretching.