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How to outsmart hunger while losing weight

How to outsmart hunger while losing weight Ways to outsmart hunger during weight loss (photo: Freepik)

When people decide to start losing weight, they often struggle with feelings of hunger, especially when they start dieting and exercising. If, despite rational and healthy eating, you occasionally experience uncontrollable cravings, it's worth arming yourself with strategies to address this sensation, writes Wprost.

Outsmarting hunger

The weight loss process is a complex journey that requires determination and consistency. It involves changes in diet, regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with balanced nutrition being crucial.

It's essential to focus not only on the quantity of consumed calories but also on the quality of the meals. Overeating, a common weight issue, can persist even after a substantial meal.

Fiber-rich foods. One way to outsmart hunger is to include foods in your daily menu that fill the stomach and provide a feeling of satiety. Products rich in fiber accomplish this task.

Sources of dietary fiber include whole grain products such as dark pasta, brown rice, coarse grits, bran, and oats. It's also beneficial to consume low-seed fruits like apples, pears, bananas, citrus fruits, and dried fruits.*

To ensure an adequate intake of fiber, incorporate:

  • Broccoli

  • Cabbage

  • Eggplants

  • Pumpkin

  • Carrots

  • Parsley

  • Potatoes

  • Red cabbage

Fiber is also found in legume seeds like beans, chickpeas, lentils, and peas, as well as in flaxseed, poppy seed, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.

Other tricks to outsmart the body

To reduce feelings of hunger and fill the stomach, it's advisable to drink a significant amount of water. This rule is particularly important before meals, as it helps reduce the size of the portions you consume. This method also works in case of sudden hunger.

It's also crucial to carefully bite and chew food. Eating at a slow pace and in a calm manner protects against rapidly consuming an extra portion. This way, you give your body enough time to feel full.

If you experience mild hunger, try preparing tea. If you crave something sweet, opt for fruits.

An interesting yet effective trick is to eat from smaller plates. Food portions will appear larger visually, even though they are actually smaller.

To decrease feelings of hunger, it's also essential to consume meals regularly. Remember not to overeat, as excessive portions complicate hunger control with smaller amounts of food.

During weight loss, it's advisable to avoid favorite confectioneries and cafes. This makes it easier to resist the consumption of various sweets.

Incorporating vegetables into your diet also helps outsmart hunger. They are low in calories and can be consumed in various forms.

Common mistakes leading to hunger

To prevent feelings of hunger and subsequent unhealthy, calorie-laden snacking, it's essential to avoid common mistakes. These may include making incorrect dietary choices, such as consuming high-glycemic index foods causing sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. Unbalanced nutrition that fails to provide necessary nutrients is also a contributing factor.

Other pitfalls to avoid when aiming for weight loss include excessive stress and emotional eating when feeling sad or bored. Eating in a hurry or while engaged in other activities, such as watching television, can contribute to weight gain. This can also be caused by insufficient food intake throughout the day.

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