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How to help homeless animals in cold weather

How to help homeless animals in cold weather How to help homeless animals in winter (
Author: Maria Kholina

As many countries experience a wave of severe winter frost and cold, it becomes more crucial than ever to show concern for stray animals. Providing minimal assistance during these cold times is something everyone can contribute to, according to the animal welfare organization UAnimals.

Feed them warm food

You can offer them warm porridge or a soup. Another option is to purchase dry food and mix it with hot water.

In winter, water quickly cools and freezes in the bowl, so it's essential to occasionally check and replace it. This way, the water won't freeze quickly, and the animal will be able to stay warm.

Allow access to entrances and basements

Make it possible for animals to freely enter your apartment building or basement of your building, and exit as well.

Animals tend to lie down to rest in warmth and regain strength, so they are unlikely to cause much trouble. If you've let an animal in, ensure the cleanliness of the space. Explain everything to your neighbors and suggest they join in helping.

Make a makeshift shelter

Volunteers and compassionate individuals often create small shelters for cats and dogs using cardboard boxes taped together. Make sure to place something warm inside, like a blanket.

Animal advocates recommend putting these DIY shelters on wooden pallets to prevent cold from penetrating inside.

Check your car before driving

If the engine is still warm, stray cats may be hiding there seeking warmth. Therefore, before moving your vehicle, check the area under the wheels, hood, or beneath the car.

This is crucial to avoid harming or even killing an animal.