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How to build healthy sexual relationships in couple

How to build healthy sexual relationships in couple How to build healthy sexual relationships in a couple (photo: Freepik)

Sexual relationships are an important component of any partnership, but they should be healthy. To ensure this, it's important to talk about your intimate life, according to the medical portal Berezhy sebe.

Don't be afraid to take initiative

We all fear rejection because we often perceive it as You're not attractive enough. However, a person can refuse for other reasons, such as:

  • "I don't want to do this right now because I'm feeling unwell."
  • "I'm anxious and can't focus on you at the moment."
  • "Right now, I want hugs/conversation/to watch a TV series."
  • "My libido is low right now."

Talk about your sexual desires

Discussing sexual practices is the next step after obtaining general consent for interaction. This requires a certain degree of openness with yourself, knowledge of terms and definitions, and the absence of shame.

Expressing your desires for specific practices is normal.

Talk about self-pleasure

Exploring yourself through masturbation is normal and safe (just don't use objects not intended for this purpose).

Self-pleasure is not cheating. It is not an analogy to sex but a separate practice.

Masturbation is a powerful resource for understanding yourself, your desires, and sensitive points.

The information and tips you can share with your partner after this will probably improve the quality of your sex.

Як побудувати здорові сексуальні стосунки у парі

Building healthy sexual relationships in a couple (photo: Freepik)

Talk about tenderness towards your partner

Building deep trust is always about tenderness towards the person next to you. About gentle treatment of emotions, thoughts, desires, and body. No matter what practices are involved: soft slow sex or rough, slightly extreme sex.

Don't be afraid to refuse your partner

You have the right to stop interaction at any stage. Even if you're already in bed, have agreed to sex, and discussed the details.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure for any reason, you can pause the process and stop. This rule is inviolable, and all participants in sex should understand it.

Define a safe word

When it comes to any practices that could potentially cause pain or be traumatic, as well as role-playing games, you should establish a signal in advance to stop. This is not only about physical safety but also about psychological safety.

Tenderness helps to hear your partner - their want and do not want, weaknesses, and passions.

Ensure safety during physical interaction

If it's sex between a man and a woman, consider the possibility of unplanned pregnancy, so use contraception.

Condoms protect not only against unplanned pregnancy but also against sexually transmitted infections. It is important to buy them from reputable places, such as pharmacies or sex shops.

Always check the integrity of the condom and its suitability for your size.

Sex between same-sex partners does not exclude the need for contraception to protect against infectious diseases.

Do not neglect protection during oral sex - use special latex wipes. If partners of different sexes have checked their infection status and are healthy and at the same time do not want to use barrier protection during sex, it is important to consider an alternative method of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

These can be oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices, or other methods.

Don't forget about vaccination

Some vaccinations protect against infections that can be transmitted during sex. For example, vaccination against hepatitis B, and human papillomavirus (HPV), which is associated with, among other things, 90% of cervical cancer cases.

Take care of your physical and psychological safety and enjoy sexual relationships in a trusting, safe environment.