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How to avoid skin aging: Nutritionist names common mistakes

How to avoid skin aging: Nutritionist names common mistakes What mistakes lead to skin aging (photo: Freepik)

Skin is the perfect indicator of our care. Some products can contribute to accelerated skin aging. Therefore, it's worth monitoring your diet, according to Ukrainian nutritionist Vira Kuryn.

What not to do

According to the nutritionist, it's absolutely forbidden to:

  • Drink low-quality plastic water without its activation.
  • Constantly boost your energy levels with caffeine.
  • Glue your natural collagen and elastin with sugar.
  • Consume meat, gluten, and dairy products every day.
  • Combine a glass of your favorite wine with fatty and heavy food.
  • Eat only red and orange vegetables.
  • Irritate receptors with glycation products such as fried crust and combining animal protein and sugar in one intake.

Which products prevent aging


These are excellent "anti-aging" vegetables. This is because, in addition to antioxidants, tomatoes contain lycopene, which has a valuable property - it helps reduce wrinkles.

Fatty fish

The unsaturated fatty acids, which are most beneficial for the skin, hair, and nails, are found in seafood. It doesn't necessarily have to be red; mackerel, tuna, and herring are excellent for rejuvenating the entire body.


They contain polyunsaturated acids and a large amount of selenium, which are ideal micronutrients for combating wrinkles. Additionally, they are beneficial for the entire body and strengthen the immune system.


White cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Savoy, and others contain vitamin C and phytochemical compounds, which protect the skin from wrinkles and intense aging.


This vegetable contains a lot of carotene, like all orange, red, dark green vegetables, and fruits. Beta-carotene, as a precursor to vitamin A, is one of the most important rejuvenating micronutrients for the skin.

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