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Hotel safety rules - What travelers need to know

Hotel safety rules - What travelers need to know Hotel Safety Rules (photo: Freepik)

Hotels are a quite common choice for accommodation if you find yourself in a different city or country. Even if the hotel guarantees your safety, you should still take care of it yourself.

Travel tips on how to secure yourself in a hotel, with a reference to Lifehacker.

Check the room

Open the doors of closets and cabinets. Check what items are stored there. Previous guests often forget their belongings there, so you may come across unexpected finds.

Inspect the door locks. If they do not lock or unlock properly, request the hotel administration to address this issue or move you to another room. If your room has a balcony or a corridor with sliding doors, also check the locks there.

Create your own lock

Hotel locks are not foolproof as hotel staff may have access to your room. Therefore, to safeguard your belongings from potential thieves, consider using your own lock.

You can purchase a doorstop in advance. They come in various mechanisms and working principles, but all doorstops are easy to pack and take with you.

Additional measures

Do not display your hotel key in public places. Hotel keys typically have the hotel's name and your room number on them. Upon seeing this, a stranger may develop an interest in tracking you.

Only allow hotel staff to enter your room after ensuring they are indeed hotel employees. You can check through the peephole or inquire at the reception about such staff.

If your room has a safe, place valuable items you've brought with you inside it. Although hotel safes are not always foolproof, it's better than leaving your belongings in plain sight. However, always take them with you when leaving the room.