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Horoscope for May promises significant problems for four zodiac signs

Horoscope for May promises significant problems for four zodiac signs What signs of the zodiac will be unlucky in May (illustration:

The end of spring brings tests of strength for representatives of four zodiac signs. They may make a fatal mistake and break a lot of firewood.

Collective World tells which zodiac signs the May horoscope promises big problems to.


In May, success will turn away from you. Someone from your past may reappear, whom you may not be pleased to see. However, all problems will pass you by if you can set boundaries in time.

At work, strive to develop your skills; it will help you in many ways. All your efforts will bear fruit. However, there's a risk of giving up too soon; try not to do that.


The end of spring will bring family problems for you. You may have serious disagreements with relatives. If you want to avoid getting involved in scandals, try to be more patient and listen to the words of your family members.

Also, you should be more cautious in communicating with your significant other. There's a risk of making a mistake. However, if you find the strength to admit fault, you will be forgiven.


You may suffer greatly from recklessness. Sometimes it's not worth trying everything new and taking risks, as it can lead to big mistakes. Troubles at work and at home may upset you.

However, fate will give you a chance to make things right. Work on your mistakes and find the cause of your failures. Most likely, it's right on the surface.


In May, you should take off your rose-colored glasses. Most likely, some events will disappoint you greatly. Due to despair, you may feel like giving up on everything, but don't rush to burn bridges.

Try to save, stress less, and refrain from saying things you'll regret later. If you don't want to start a streak of bad luck, initiate a global reboot.

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