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Healthcare revolution? Unique features of Apple Watch Series 10 unveiled

Healthcare revolution? Unique features of Apple Watch Series 10 unveiled Photo: Media unveils unique capabilities of Apple Watch Series 10 (Getty Images)

Apple Watch Series 10 may receive unique features, reports Bloomberg. Among them, for example, is a blood pressure monitoring sensor.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Rumors about a blood pressure sensor in the Apple Watch have circulated for years, but, as reported, it is just one of the features the company has been working on since the inception of smartwatches.

The report notes that the company prefers to focus on preventive features rather than post-illness ones, as Tim Cook and Jeff Williams are very cautious about making any missteps that could harm the company's image. This particular decision has somewhat disappointed doctors and other medical experts who were hired by Apple.

"The planned addition of a blood pressure sensor to the Apple Watch next year is a pathbreaking technology. In its first iteration, however, the system is designed to just tell a user if their blood pressure is trending upward and to offer a journal for the user to jot down what was happening when hypertension occurred," explains Bloomberg.

To avoid misdiagnosis, the Apple Watch will direct the owner to consult a doctor to verify blood pressure using a traditional cuff, ensuring accurate systolic and diastolic measurements.

The company is working on the next version, which will provide more precise readings and might still be capable of diagnosing illnesses. However, this version is still in the distant future.

Sleep Apnea Detector

The watch will utilize user sleep and breathing data. By analyzing them, it can identify potential illnesses and provide the user with recommendations and advice on the next steps, including suggesting a visit to a doctor.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring will operate on a similar principle - the gadget will track trends but will not display precise sugar levels.

"The work was recently taken over by one of Apple’s top Mac and iPhone chip executives, but, according to people with knowledge of the efforts, it’s still unlikely to show up in a product for at least a few years," says the article.

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