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Head chef shares lifehack to help revive wilted greens

Head chef shares lifehack to help revive wilted greens How to revive wilting greens (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Fresh herbs tend to wilt over time, losing their freshness and texture. Reviving them can be achieved through a simple method.

There are tips on how to keep herbs fresh for as long as possible.

The material draws insights from sources such as The Kitchn website and the TikTok page of Ukrainian chef Oleksandr Gorodnik.

What to do with greens

Leafy greens should be placed in a container and covered with cold water, adding a bit of ice and salt. Salt and ice react, lowering the water temperature.

Next, close the container and leave it for a few hours. Use this method for wilted cabbage or carrots, as well as for cilantro and parsley. For lettuce, soaking in the solution for two hours should be sufficient.


Підписуйся @o_gorodnik , тут ще багато чого цікавого. Друзі а мені цікаво, який ваш улюблений салат Я обожнюю руколу і шпинат. Для цього лайфхаку потрібен : - зівʼявша зелень або листя салату - холодна вода з льодом - дрібка солі Замочити листя салату на 1-2 години, якщо у вас капуста така як на відео (Бок-чой) тоді ставте на ніч в холодильник.

оригінальний звук - o_gorodnik

How to properly store greens

The lower shelf in the refrigerator

It is crucial to choose the right temperature for preservation. The optimal setting for any type of greens is 0 ℃. At this temperature, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Keeping greens in the refrigerator for longer is not recommended as they may lose their beneficial properties.

A glass jar

Greens can be placed in a regular glass jar with a tightly sealed lid. Before doing so, carefully inspect all herbs to ensure that no damaged leaves or roots make their way into the jar, as they may rot.


Divide the greens into bunches and moisten them with water. Place each bunch in a separate bag - clean, airtight, and new. Take a needle and make a few small holes in the bags to prevent the greens from suffocating in case of a greenhouse effect.

In a towel

Take a waffle or other dense cotton towel, wrap the bunch of greens, and slightly dampen it so that the fabric is moist. Place it in the refrigerator and keep it moist.

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