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Hairstylists warn against using these hair care products

Hairstylists warn against using these hair care products What beauty products can damage hair (photo: Freepik)

Hair care is important at any time. It is especially important to avoid some mistakes in the cold season so as not to damage your hair, writes Best life.

Clarifying shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are a popular product in the hair care world because they give your locks a real deep clean

Hairstylist Krysta Biancone said the reboot may have to wait until after the colder months.

"Clarifying shampoos are too harsh for winter. They strip natural oils, leaving your scalp dry and itchy," she warns.

Salt sprays

The expert noted that in the winter, she recommends people avoid using salt sprays and other products to enhance or texturize when it's cold outside.

"While these can give great beachy texture in the summer, they will cause too much dryness when hair is already prone to that," explains hairstylist Kira Byrd.


Many people use hairspray every day, but in the cold season, it is better to avoid it.

All because hairspray and gels have a high alcohol content, says hairstylist Lisa Abbey.

"Products with high alcohol content tend to dry out the hair and can make it more prone to damage and breakage," she explains.

In the cold season, it is better to use the most nourishing conditioner, which contains healing components, including macadamia and argan oils.

It will saturate the strands, making them elastic, and voluminous. A special spray that can be periodically applied to dry hair will help prevent brittleness.

In addition, the condition of the hair can deteriorate due to stress and improper nutrition. Therefore, you should avoid too fatty, salty and fried food. Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol. And for hair growth, you need to eat foods rich in protein, zinc, iron, selenium, and vitamin D.

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