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Gynecologist reveals procedures harming women

Gynecologist reveals procedures harming women The gynecologist warned against harmful procedures (photo: Freepik)

Some popular gynecological procedures, once considered super beneficial, are now absolutely unnecessary. Or even worse, they not only fail to help women but may also potentially harm them - informs gynecologist Olena Arendar.


"After undergoing this procedure, the normal vaginal microflora is disrupted. Moreover, the risk of developing conditions such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush increases," adds Arendar.

Cauterization of cervical erosion

"This is an entirely unnecessary procedure, but I constantly encounter cases where it is still prescribed to women. So, take care of your health, trust only professionals, and run away from a doctor if they diagnose cervical erosion and prescribe cauterization," says the doctor.

Self-prescribing medications

"This applies to the prescription of any medications—whether for treating infections or for conditions like thrush, which may not be thrush at all. The ideal choice of treatment comes after a thorough examination. This is the key to the safety of women's health," says the gynecologist.

Do all gynecological problems really disappear after childbirth?

A widespread belief is that after giving birth, all gynecological problems in women will disappear.

"Often, women experiencing painful menstruation or acne hear advice like 'give birth, and everything will pass.' In reality, childbirth is not a treatment method in gynecology, and after giving birth, very little is likely to change significantly. Therefore, the best approach for women is to choose a competent gynecologist, undergo regular preventive check-ups, and only get pregnant and give birth when they are truly ready for it," noted the gynecologist.

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