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Guidelines on how to act if you're trapped under debris

Guidelines on how to act if you're trapped under debris What to do if you find yourself under the rubble (photo:
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Anyone can find themselves under the rubble of a house at any time because the Russians do not stop shelling Ukrainian cities. There are certain rules to follow if you are trapped under the rubble and they can save your life, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine's advice on the Ministry of Reintegration's Telegram channel.

What to do under the rubble

1. Do not panic! It is difficult but very necessary. Information about the emergency is promptly transmitted to the emergency services. Rescuers will be on the spot in a matter of minutes and will begin the rescue operation. Be sure that they are already looking for you.

2. Try to shout and give signals as often as possible. The rescuers take breaks to hear people while clearing the rubble.

3. Never use matches or lighters for signaling. Gas leaks can occur during the destruction.

4. If you are seen/heard, remember that rescuers need time to clear the rubble. Follow the instructions clearly and do not lose your temper.

If you are not heard/found

1. Carefully and thoroughly assess the situation around you.

2. Try to gently free your arms and legs. However, do not try to dismantle the rubble around you, as an unstable structure may collapse again.

3. If a part of your body is pinned by a piece of debris and you cannot free it, start massaging it above the pinned area. This will support blood circulation and save the limb.

4. Estimate your strength and capabilities. If you realize that you cannot get out from under the rubble on your own, keep calling for help and wait for rescuers.