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Guard your cat: 4 rules to avoid Christmas tree chaos

Guard your cat: 4 rules to avoid Christmas tree chaos How to protect your cat from a Christmas tree

The New Year's holidays can turn into a real tragedy for a cat and its owner, especially if the furry friend nibbles on Christmas needles. However, this isn't the only peril for a pet... Vmiske group proposes some tips to safeguard a cat from the Christmas tree.

How to safeguard your cat from the Christmas tree

"Cats adore Christmas trees, as they appear in the home only once a year, shimmering and sparkling, tempting them to attack. So, we've gathered tips for you on how to protect your cat from the Christmas tree and the tree from the cat," experts say.

Opt for an artificial tree

For the safety of your cat, it's better to choose an artificial tree since the animal might munch on the pine needles. This could lead to poisoning, vomiting, and intestinal blockage.

Ensure decorations are cat-friendly

Avoid using sharp, glass, or small ornaments that cats could cut themselves on or swallow. Also, secure the decorations firmly to prevent the cat from pulling them off the tree.

It's crucial to have the tree securely in place. Consider additional securing measures, as there's a high chance the cat might want to "ride" the tree.

Spray the tree with a cat deterrent spray

Spritz the tree with a citrus-scented spray. Cats dislike it, so they'll steer clear. You can apply a few drops of lemon, orange, or grapefruit oil to the tree.

Avoid playing with pets using tree decorations

Never play with cats using garlands, tinsel, or tree ornaments, as it encourages them to play independently when you're not around.

If possible, don't leave your pet alone with the tree, especially when the lights are on.

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