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Ground, mat and sleep': Ukrainian military show life at frontline

Ground, mat and sleep': Ukrainian military show life at frontline RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukrainian defenders showcased the conditions of their daily lives on the front lines, often having to sleep on damp ground and endure the cold, according to soldiers' TikTok videos.

In the video, a soldier is stationed at the front line closest to the enemy. Their task involves monitoring the occupiers and reporting to the main post. The bunker is constructed to provide cover in case of shelling, with special deep "niches" for protection against larger caliber projectiles.

The rest of the soldiers are taking a break inside the bunker.

"This is how we rest: on the ground, on mats, sleeping. We're not used to comfort. We're all very combat-ready," shared one of the soldiers.

Right there, next to the defenders are weapons and equipment for long-range vision. However, mice and rats remain a problem inside the bunker due to stored food.

Everything needs to be done quickly at the front lines. Therefore, soldiers have come up with a way to make meals without wasting time. They take a large bag, pack their supplies in there, and have everything at hand.

Besides, backpacks designed for the Armed Forces of Ukraine are rodent-resistant, ensuring the safety of their provisions.

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