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Google's Year in Search 2023 reveals U.S. search trends

Google's Year in Search 2023 reveals U.S. search trends Photo: Google's Year in Search 2023 reveals search trends for U.S. (Getty Images)

Google's Year in Search 2023 highlights the year's most significant U.S. search trends, including major news events, celebrities, entertainment, and cultural phenomena. The report showcases the diverse topics that captured worldwide attention throughout the year.

The 2023 roundup features a variety of top-searched topics. The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict was the most searched news event, followed by the Titanic-bound submersible incident and the earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria.

Damar Hamlin was the top trending person, known for his remarkable recovery after a cardiac arrest during an NFL game.

In 2023, Google's list of the top 10 most searched video games was led by "Hogwarts Legacy," an open-world game based on the Harry Potter series. It became Europe's best-selling game in the first half of the year following its release.

"The Last of Us" saw a surge in popularity, likely influenced by its successful HBO TV adaptation, making it the most searched TV show of the year.

Additionally, the report includes trending items in the U.S., like the cost of eggs and Taylor Swift tickets, and global trends, like the popularity of bibimbap and Inter Miami CF in sports.

In this year's Google search trends for movies, the film "Barbie" emerged as the top search, followed by the movie "Oppenheimer."

Google also celebrated its 25th birthday by revealing all-time top searches since 2004, highlighting Beyoncé as the most-searched Grammy winner and Cristiano Ronaldo as the most-searched athlete.

Search insights

Google's Year in Search began as an annual tradition after the company's global trends data became available in 2004. The idea is to provide a snapshot of the year's most significant and popular search queries, reflecting people's interests, concerns, and curiosities worldwide.

This report offers insight into global and regional interests and marks the evolution of online search behavior over time.

As 2023 ends, Google isn't the only organization releasing annual summaries of digital trends. Various platforms share recaps of the year's online activities, from music streaming to dictionary searches.

Last week, Wikipedia announced its list of the most-viewed articles for the year, with the entry on ChatGPT attracting the most interest. Realizing the popularity of this tool, Google recently released its advanced AI model, Gemini, designed to compete with OpenAI's GPT models.