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Google abandoning 17 features: Things you no longer can do

Google abandoning 17 features: Things you no longer can do Google regularly updates its products (Photo: Getty Images)

The new version of Google Assistant will lose 17 features in the near future, so users will not be able to do some things they were accustomed to.

RBC-Ukraine informs that it will be affected for users, when these changes will take place, and which functions Google plans to abandon.

The material was prepared using the following sources: Google Blog and Google Support.

What and when will change for users

Google Assistant (or Google Assistant) is an intelligent personal assistant introduced on May 18, 2016, activated by the voice command "OK, Google."

Recently, Google announced "several changes" to the program to "focus on quality and reliability."

Users were informed that soon, "some features that are underused will no longer be supported."

"Starting January 26, if you ask for one of these features, you may receive a notification that it will be unavailable after a certain date," the company clarified in its blog.

It is worth noting that removing functions from Google Assistant can affect the functionality of mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, or smart speakers/displays.

Google abandoning 17 features: Things you no longer can do

Google Assistant works on various devices (illustrative photo:

Which functions will Google Assistant "lose"

In general, according to information from the support service, due to the update of Google Assistant, 17 functions will be "lost":

  • playback and voice control of audiobooks on Google Play Books
  • setting and setting custom alarm signals on devices with Google Assistant support
  • access or management of the user's cookbook (transferring recipes from device to device, playing step-by-step recipes, etc.)
  • managing the timer on smart displays and speakers
  • voice calling and sending messages to the Google Family group
  • voice sending emails, audio, or video messages
  • voice transfer of events to Google Calendar
  • using the app launcher panel in Google Assistant control mode on Google Maps (for reading and sending messages, making calls, and media control)
  • creating and listening to announcements in the Family Bell section
  • starting meditation sessions with the Calm service
  • voice control on Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices
  • viewing consolidated sleep data will only remain available on Google smart displays
  • subscriber ID will not be displayed for calls via smart speakers and smart displays
  • viewing the estimated travel time will stop working on smart displays
  • checking personal routes by voice
  • voice request for contact information
  • voice requests to perform a series of actions (send payments, book, or post messages on social media).

In addition, the Pixel search panel's Google app widget and microphone will now trigger web search, changing how devices interact.