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German TV channel films report in Mariupol: Ukraine demands explanation

German TV channel films report in Mariupol: Ukraine demands explanation Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

German TV channel ZDF made a report about the "functioning" of Mariupol during the Russian occupation. Ukraine's Foreign Ministry demands explanations for the actions of the journalists, according to the spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko.


Armin Körper, a journalist for the German TV channel ZDF, who heads the Moscow bureau, filmed a report in Mariupol. He talked about life in the city occupied by Russia, distorting the picture.

The German journalist notes that most of the city's residents are pro-Russian, adding that Mariupol is being populated by Russians. He says that the city is allegedly being rebuilt, but does not mention that it was destroyed by the Russian invasion.

According to him, "the city is functioning, shops and restaurants are open," and there is allegedly heating, hot water, and internet.

German TV channel films report in Mariupol: Ukraine demands explanationZDF screenshot

ZDF TV channel in its article about the report emphasizes that Körper chose the ambiguous phrase "the city is functioning". According to the German public broadcaster, the report "leaves no doubt" that Mariupol was illegally occupied by Russia.

Ukraine's reaction

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko emphasizes that the visit of the head of the Moscow bureau of ZDF to temporarily occupied Mariupol without the consent of Ukraine is a violation of Ukrainian law.

"We call on ZDF to provide an official explanation. Violation of the Ukrainian legislation may affect the further work of the media in Ukraine," emphasizes Nikolenko.

Situation in Mariupol

In the spring of 2022, after months of fierce fighting, Russian troops captured Mariupol and the region. The occupiers then turned the destroyed city into their military base.

According to the satellite images published online, the Russian occupiers wanted to connect Mariupol with Russian Rostov, Taganrog, and other large cities. They have already started building the road.

This will allow the invaders not to use the Crimean bridge in the future, but to transport supplies and forces to the front by sea and rail.