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French Foreign Ministry on alleged conflict between Macron and Scholz

French Foreign Ministry on alleged conflict between Macron and Scholz Stephane Sejourne, French Foreign Minister (photo: Getty Images)

There are no disagreements between France and Germany over Russia's war against Ukraine. Paris agrees with Berlin on 80% of the issues, states Stephane Sejourne, French Foreign Minister.

Thus, Sejourne reacted to rumors of an alleged conflict between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz over issues related to the war in Ukraine.

"There is no French-German confrontation, we agree on 80% of the issues," he said.

The French minister added that support for Ukraine is a common goal of both Paris and Berlin, although they have "different degrees of commitment," in particular regarding the supply of missiles.

"This is an existential issue. Ukraine is at the center of the election debate because there are actually differences in positions on this issue. I would like to see this not to be the case, and for there to be a broad consensus beyond party differences," Sejourne emphasized.

Rumors of Macron's conflict with Scholz

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported on an alleged conflict between the leaders of France and Germany. In particular, according to the newspaper, this was manifested in one of Macron's speeches, during which he, alluding to Germany, reproached the allies who offered Ukraine only "helmets and sleeping bags."

The fact that Scholz and Macron do not get along was also acknowledged by close aides to the German chancellor in a conversation with Bloomberg. There, Macron is perceived as a monarchical figure who can only give out grandiose visions rather than realize them.

The tension between the German Chancellor and the French President is causing concern among the German Social Democrats. Scholz's party has warned that such a dispute is dangerous for Ukraine.