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France believes that Azerbaijan supports separatists in New Caledonia

France believes that Azerbaijan supports separatists in New Caledonia Kanak separatists with Azerbaijani flags in French New Caledonia (

The French government believes that Azerbaijan is attempting to stoke tensions in New Caledonia. However, Baku rejects Paris' accusations of interference in the affairs of this French overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean, reports France 24.

The French side points to the sudden appearance of Azerbaijani flags alongside Kanak symbols during recent protests in New Caledonia. It should be noted that five people were killed during the unrest there.

This concerns images that were widely circulated on social media and a report broadcasted Wednesday on the French channel TF1, showing supporters of independence in New Caledonia wearing T-shirts with the Azerbaijani flag.

The post by the French news agency also notes that a group associated with the Azerbaijani government openly supports separatists in New Caledonia and condemns the actions of Paris.

What does the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs say

"This isn't a fantasy. It's a reality," said theFrench Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, to France 24, responding to a question about whether Azerbaijan, China, and Russia are interfering in the situation in New Caledonia.

He also expressed regret that some of the leaders in New Caledonia who advocate for independence have made agreements with Azerbaijan.

"It's indisputable," the French minister said.

Baku's reaction

In response, Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hikmat Hajiyev stated that the country completely rejects unfounded accusations.

"We refute any connection between the leaders of the struggle for freedom in Caledonia and Azerbaijan," he emphasized.

Situation in New Caledonia

Earlier, it was reported that France had declared a state of emergency in its overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean near Australia and deployed troops to the island state amid recent unrest.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal stated on May 16 that troops were deployed in New Caledonia to ensure security in ports and airports. Additionally, the social media platform TikTok was banned there.