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Foods that strengthen blood vessels and lower cholesterol: Trainer's picks

Foods that strengthen blood vessels and lower cholesterol: Trainer's picks What foods are good for blood vessels (photo: Freepik)

A healthy diet and regular moderate physical activity are two key factors that affect heart and vascular health. Ukrainian coach Yuriy Popko discusses what foods should be in the diet for vascular health.

Strengthening blood vessels

In the first place are foods that strengthen blood vessels and improve their elasticity. These are vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruits.

They include dark green vegetables, bell peppers, and any herbs: parsley, dill, basil, berries, and fruits.

For example, one kiwi contains a daily amount of vitamin C. The coach advises choosing gold kiwis because they are very tasty.

Sauerkraut is also high in vitamin C. 200-300 g of this product contains the daily value of vitamin C.

Hypertensive patients should be careful with sauerkraut, as excess salt increases blood pressure.

Foods rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent possible damage.

Cleansing from cholesterol plaques

In second place are foods that not only strengthen blood vessels but also help cleanse them of cholesterol plaques. These are onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and horseradish.

These foods contain phytoncides (natural antibiotics as they have antibacterial properties) and bioflavonoids (a group of substances that maintain the elasticity of capillaries and strengthen their walls) - essential oils and minerals that help cleanse blood vessels.

Restoring cell membranes

The third place is for products that restore cell membranes and the epithelial layer. These include omega-3 fats.

You should eat sea fish, the easiest to find are mackerel and herring. You can also take omega-3 supplements but need to know the dose and choose a quality product.

Omega-3 is also found in eggs and cod liver oil.

"For many people, it's easier to take medication than to include all these foods in their diet. I'm not advocating against taking medications, but keep in mind that most medications, including statins (a group of drugs whose function is to lower blood cholesterol), have side effects, they deplete the body of substances such as Coenzyme Q10," the coach said.

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